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International youthweek at Herford

7 young people from Voiron, 17-18 years old, participated in an international youth meeting at Vlotho (Kreis Herford) from 19th to 26th February 2017, accompanied by the Comité de Jumelage de Voiron. The general issue discussed by young people from France, Germany, Italy and Poland was the integration into a democratic Europe, aiming at an horizon 2030. The working languages during the small discussion groups were English and German, also during the various leisure activities and the evening parties organized alternatively by each country. During the final synthesis on the future of Europe, the member of the Bundestag (the German parliament) elected by the Kreis Herford, Stefan Schwartze, was present.

Our 7 youths from Voiron came back very happy, with new european friends and new knowledge. They realized very well how important it is to master foreign languages to be able to communicate with our neighbours.

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Honorary citizenship of Voiron for Jürgen Witte

Jürgen Witte was made honorary citizen of Voiron by the deputy mayor of Voiron, Mrs Dolores Zambon, at the 10th November 2015 dinner celebrating the twinning partnerships of Voiron, in the presence of the delegations of Bassano del Grappa (headed by Giovanna Ciccotti, Deputy mayor for Culture), of Droitwich Spa (headed by Roy Murphy, deputy mayor) and of the Kreis Herford (headed by Rolf Heemeier, Kreisdirektor).

Mr Jürgen Witte has been an active member of the exchanges between Herford and Voiron for many years. In 1985, he was invited by the then mayor of Voiron, Philippe Vial, to participate in the St Martin's Fair with his gastronomic products. Until 2013, he used to come every year to the Fair with his team and the Herforder sausages and beer, which are still the delight of the people from Voiron and surroundings.

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Inauguration of the updated twinning plaque

On the Place de l'Europe at Voiron, a plaque is a tribute to the European Union and shows the towns twinned with Voiron. This plaque is a gift from the stonecutter company Prévieux and was engraved as courtesy by Mr Roger Pilot. It was inaugurated in October 2004. Since then, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia have joined the European Union and Droitwich Spa was twinned with Voiron.

To take these changes into account, the plaque was completed and the updated version was inaugurated on 10th November 2015 by the mayor of Voiron, Julien Polat, in the presence of the delegations of Bassano del Grappa (headed by Giovanna Ciccotti, Deputy mayor for Culture), of Droitwich Spa (headed by Roy Murphy, deputy mayor) and of the Kreis Herford (headed by Rolf Heemeier, Kreisdirektor).

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Bassano Fiera Franca October 5 and 6, 2013

This year’s polar temperatures and continuous rain did not prevent us from duly participating in the Bassano Fiera Franca. And even better than that, since on top of our strong delegation of farmers from the Voiron surroundings, we were able to have several painters from “Les Amis des Arts” come and show their work.

Our farmer friends decently held the Voiron stand, what with cheese and walnuts products for sale, although we thought for long that we couldn’t make it, this year’s harvest having started so late that they had to work until 4 o’clock in the morning at washing, drying and bagging…They drove back bravely on Sunday night, so that they were back at work on Monday morning.

The paintings show was organized in a beautifully restored room were the paintings were nicely shown to advantage. The several dozen comments left on the authors visitors’ books were of praise and denote a reasonable success for a first try, bad weather and insufficient advance advertising being taken into account. We shall do better next time around!

English Club de Voiron ♫ Aprils’ Night

Le 6 Avril, c’est l’Aprils’ Night, la traditionnelle fête de printemps de l’English Club de Voiron.
Cette année elle prend la forme d’un repas dansant animé par l’ensemble Xtra Décor Animation (danses pour tous les âges, initiation aux danses celtiques, chants anglais, sketchs...)

Venez nombreux vous détendre avec vos amis.

Rendez-vous Salle des Fêtes de Voiron.

Samedi 6 avril 20h.

Billets auprès de vos animatrices et à l’OT de Voiron.

Contacts: Mado : 04 76 67 48 56 Suzy : 06 79 90 96 44