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International youthweek at Herford

7 young people from Voiron, 17-18 years old, participated in an international youth meeting at Vlotho (Kreis Herford) from 19th to 26th February 2017, accompanied by the Comité de Jumelage de Voiron. The general issue discussed by young people from France, Germany, Italy and Poland was the integration into a democratic Europe, aiming at an horizon 2030. The working languages during the small discussion groups were English and German, also during the various leisure activities and the evening parties organized alternatively by each country. During the final synthesis on the future of Europe, the member of the Bundestag (the German parliament) elected by the Kreis Herford, Stefan Schwartze, was present.

Our 7 youths from Voiron came back very happy, with new european friends and new knowledge. They realized very well how important it is to master foreign languages to be able to communicate with our neighbours.

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50 years partnership Voiron – Kreis Herford

The  charters for the twinning between Voiron and the Kreis Herford were signed on 25th August 1966 at Voiron and on 12th November 1966 at Herford.

The fiftieth anniversary was celebrated on 10th November 2016 during the evening party of the twinned cities, attended by Jürgen Müller, Landrat of the Kreis Herford, Ralf Heemeier, director of the Kreis, Julien Polat, mayor of Voiron, Dolorès Zambon, town-councillor in charge of twinnings, delegations with town-councillors of the Kreis Herford and Bassano del Grappa as well as many members of various associations concerned by the twinnings. At this occasion, a flyer was edited, with an overview of the twinning's history : Plaquette50ansJumelageP2-3V4

The musical band "Brecht's Hausband" and the orchestra "Galaxy" from Voiron's conservatoire played at the evening party and on 11th November.BrechtsHausbandWestfalenblatt20161119 BrechtsHausbandNW20161119

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The date indicated on the archived charter from Voiron does not correspond to the real date of signature (see Dauphiné Libéré 24th August 1966). 19661112signatureHerford 19660825signatureVoiron

CharteJumelageVoiron CharteJumelageHerford1966

Biennale 2016

A group of 45 students and 6 adults from the Kreis Herford participated in the 2016 Biennale of Voiron "Girafe parade", under the direction of our friend Christoph Mörstedt, saxophonist. They were kindly logded by families inVoiron, from 24th to 27th May 2016.

After a busy Wednesday rehearsal, on Thursday, they could take the fresh Chartreuse air at the Cirque de Saint Même (thanks to the driver Stefan who managed to drive the huge bus through the narrow street of Saint Même le Bas!). On Friday, they offered three concerts and spectacles at schools in Voiron and participated in the big "Girafe parade".

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